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Our Approach


We conduct confidential interviews to ensure we understand where you currently are as an organisation in your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey. This enables us to recognise & recommend changes in approach.


Our approach is based on the outcomes you would like to achieve as an organisation and where you are now, your current reality.

We create the environment for people to have honest and skilful conversations about key areas of D, E & I. We tailor sessions to your needs, raising awareness, providing action-orientated, practical, skills-based insights; and work together towards sustainable change.

We ensure Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can be engrained in your culture: celebrated, valued and at the heart of everything you do.

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Affecting Sustainable Change

Changes that will have a sustainable impact, helping you reach your future goals. Our approach is multi-faceted, interactive, collaborative and skills based. We help you understand and apply key concepts, take action and sustain your growth mindset. We assume positive intent, partner with you and evaluate the impact of our sessions both immediately and in the longer term via questionnaires, interviews, surveys and conversations.


We design and deliver bespoke programmes relating to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Whether you are looking for a session entirely focused on Race, Gender, LGBTQ+, Dis/Ability, Neurodiversity, Socio-Economic Factors/Class, Language & Culture, Age or indeed any other area of inclusion, we work with you to design a programme best suited to your current needs.





Equity & Inclusion

Fostering a culture of inclusion is vital for attracting, retaining and promoting diverse talent within an organisation.

Consciously including others empowers colleagues with different needs to share circumstances so you can accommodate and adapt, allowing everyone to feel an equal part of an organisation, contributing creatively and unlocking collective potential. Everyone wins.

Cultural Competence

Diverse teams have diverse needs. Increasing cultural competence will unlock collective potential and allow all colleagues to thrive. We want people to feel acknowledged and valued for their unique contributions. Becoming more at ease with cultural difference is a key to unlocking inclusion.





Crucial Conversations

One of the characteristics of any high performing diverse organisation is the frequency and ability to have honest conversations about areas of perceived risk or challenge, particularly when it comes to equity & inclusion.

While anyone can learn through practice to deploy the necessary skills, the opportunity to practice and therefore the confidence to hold a conversation is actually surprisingly rare.

We offer a safe space to work with experienced colleagues from diverse backgrounds to practice these conversations and receive tailored in-the-moment feedback about the issues that matter to you.


We offer bespoke e-learning that is tailored to your needs, reflective of your culture as an organisation and meets your goals. From senior leaders to all levels of an organisation, we ensure the learning is relevant, thought provoking, impactful, skills focused and rooted in behavioural change.



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